Subconscious Group Theory

What Is The Subconscious

  • Who is it we hold
    • Down and beneath
  • What is it we share
    • Across one and each
  • A story that spans
    • Across cultures that repeat
  • What drives our passions
    • Through desires
    • Buried in dreams
  • Turns over our fears
  • And makes it all seem
    • As though it were simply
    • All just me

Subconscious Group

  • The subconscious mind is like hanging out in a group
    • The majority of the time you will find yourself doing what they want
    • On occasion, however, they may find themselves acting under your guidance:
      • Perhaps a favorite pastime
      • Or an event you helmed
      • It could happen after you have made a case,
        • Argued in support of a collective action
        • Or it might just be a shine of that charisma you display,
          • Leading the others on
    • The squeaky wheel gets the oil
      • Just as such, the boastful peer steers the crew
      • So when it comes time to decide what to do
      • Speak your mind, and mind your voice
      • Or who you become wont be your choice

Subconscious Gardener

  • Others may view the mind as they do a garden
    • The subconscious mind a rose bush, budding up from the soil
      • And the conscious mind an apt gardener
        • Unable to summon roses into place
          • But a skilled tailor
        • Quite proficient at revealing form and beauty
          • Which could easily be mistaken for conjured aesthetics
        • The astute gardener, however,
          • Is all too familiar with his limitations of shape
            • For he does not mold as a sculptor with clay
            • But converses as a photographer with light
            • The guiding of natural beauty with lens
              • The capture of what is through aperture
        • Nourishment and care, through intent over Time
          • This is how the gardener may confess what he finds

You Are What You Eat

  • You are what you eat
    • For you can only build from that which you have
    • Tools, labor, composites and raw artifacts
      • Even the sweat off a brow
    • All humble in origins from foundation to finish
    • With all the effort in man, one cannot build a brick house out of straw
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