Forget About Your Journey
What About Mine?

If You Can Allow Yourself To Believe:

  1. Life is a gift; each and every day

  2. You must be true to yourself

  3. One should participate in reality

Then We Can Agree:

  1. Each and every gift deserves respect

  2. Our greatest pursuit is in knowledge of self

  3. It is through life - living - participation with our reality in which we discover and represent our infinitely unique self


Essential Reads

What You Are All About
Core Articles

The Dry Dock is a thought space for discovery.
A collection of assets that have retained progress to guide through:

Some Inspiring Material

Intended to Help You Break You Down

You are not who you say you are. You are not who you believe you are. You are SELF. But what is SELF

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Know Self

The Pursuit of Discovering One’s Self

To consciously choose and set out on Self discovery is a journey of all times. The Tale of old, Folk, Nursery Rhymes and others all share such quests. Calming the fire and lava outside by calming the storm within. All of which require the hero to undergo serious acts of valor in order to put to use such an important claim to Self-knowledge.

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Be Self: Participate in Reality

Invest in that which you wish to invest in You

In order to receive the blessing of and hear from the Universe, one must participate in reality. In the reality they desire to invest in and be invested in.

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Thank for Self

Each and Every Day of Conscious Life is a Gift

Each and every morning yan, first thing shower, sunrise cigarette, or annoying alarm accompanies The Gift of Life’s breadth - delivered to us daily. Receiving this with no requirements or debts and so often is a gift so valuable and so rare. Each of us on a unique commodity timer.

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Thought Spape

[Don’t] take their word for it

Something to chew on, a metaphor to ponder, epitaph to meditate on.
The greatest mind of our time have put their 2 cents in the game of Self, Discovery, Participation.
And all in the attempt of transporting an essence of wisdom to guide thyself.


A Wise Cat Once Said:

‘If you don’t know where you are going,
any road will get you there.'

Empathize in one hero’s journey to self; their commitment to Being; and their pursuit of participation.

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