Last Edited : May 01, 2022

What I have found through this way of understanding

The Where

Since I had come to accept three simple truths about the self, a journey had begun for me. The path of this journey branches out - into a pattern no doubt - like the fractal branches of a tree. What you find here is a digest, forming a symbolic route. A collection of nodes to an accessible passage. Here you might find it a more agreeable way to see and seek all within context. A conversation of realizations I hope find some value in.

The What

As long as I have reflected I have believed there lay within me somethings which remain unknown to myself. Discussing this with others I found this to be a common experience.

A Wise Cat Once Said:

‘If you don’t know where you are going,
any road will get you there.'

Empathize in one hero’s journey to self; their commitment to Being; and their pursuit of participation.

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