Count Down

The countdown,
24 to 7.
Start it again.
The watch my clock.

The week. time,
It wont stop.
No growth, hope,
Or help for self.


A scroll through trending topics…

The square I seek
but the top I seat.

Aware of mindless tactics.
Cost pride and dreams..

pump dopamine
[current substance]

sub for something,
subbing subs

cheat the treat-
-meant I could
save up,
would trade

the block-
-chain that holds
*High Affinity.*

Salvation, in
the end, meant
each day goes by
I count up-
-on myself to
treat this disease

I breath
until I see
it’s me,
my one, true,

My mind bleeds
-out, consciously,
the mortality of
my cognitive morality.

If not for now,
then for when
its excuse proves
that, for which,
some -thing, -means
i can use
… To Fall Down

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